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Perfect Blue

a million mile fall from grace

January 7th, 2014

[For demonbastard]

She re-entered the temple as quietly as she'd left it two days (six years) ago. Nothing was amiss -- she could feel that much immediately. Everything was approximately how she'd left it. And Glaucon --

He was here. Waiting. Of course.

With a single word she sent the girl -- a child whose age was difficult to read, with the look of a young adolescent, the curiosity of one closer to her actual six years, and strange ageless eyes that were only marginally more human than her mother's -- out of the room with the books she'd chosen from the library. They needed to have a conversation first, and there were things she was unwilling to speak of with the child in her presence.

Six years was nothing to her, and yet somehow she felt the passage of time all the more acutely now that she was returned. It was difficult to choose the correct words in the correct order. She did not have to explain herself, and yet she knew an explanation would be asked for.

In the end she left the order up to him.

"I have returned. Ask me what you will."

October 30th, 2011

It's strange now; Illyria had rarely been caught off-guard by something so mundane as sleep. Every few days she would generally simply stop for fifteen dreamless minutes, unless she chose otherwise. Sometimes she did, more for the experience itself than any actual benefit. Still she rarely dreamed. The years had made her human enough in some ways, but never enough for that.

So when she began waking, unexpectedly, from rest she oughtn't have needed, momentarily disoriented and feeling strangely hollow in the absence of whatever she'd just imagined, it concerned her.

She was careful not to alert Wesley in any way. To say that he'd become precisely aware of her sleeping habits might be an overstatement, but he had occasion enough to notice, if she let him. So she didn't. She grew more distant, retreated to different rooms of the hotel, dismissed all inquiries with vague reasons of needing a change. And when all else failed, she returned to Milliways, to the room that was her second home, and woke up just as disoriented as ever, but perhaps, this once, not quite so alone.

July 16th, 2009

[After this.]

Later, she took a different route back to her temple than usual, having taken leave of the others without excuse. The vampires and their colleagues didn't need her right now, and the one who did... well, she required some time to compose herself before seeing him again.

Her ancient enemy. Of course it was to be expected, eventually. Her relative luck could not have been expected to hold out indefinitely. There would be challengers wherever she went; if not from her past, then new and unpredictable. She was, in her own way, grateful that it was only a threat she already knew. But she hadn't anticipated it in the slightest. That was a mistake, and an exceptionally careless one.

She was bothered. More than she wanted anyone to realize, and not only on account of the threat. It had been a very long time since she'd had to seriously reprimand her last living follower for anything, and longer still since she'd had reason to doubt herself for doing so.

It was not that she wished for unquestioning obedience. Even if she'd demanded it, it wasn't what she needed, and she'd always been on some level conscious of that. And if the misunderstanding had occurred in private, she might've asked questions first and forgone the show of reprimanding Glaucon. But it had happened so suddenly, caught her so off-guard, when she was already on edge from having to associate with those who only trusted her when it was convenient. It was a bad moment, and her anger flared when it might otherwise not have. She couldn't afford to show weakness in front of the others in any case.

Still, she was bothered. More than she might've been in the distant past, though she'd come to accept that she felt things more immediately and intensely in this shape. But she ought to have been plotting by now, seeking out further sources of information on the threat that had apparently been building.

Instead, she was in a scarcely-visited remote area of her temple, a room so insignificant she thought he would not look for her there, and yet would not cause him to feel her absence in the way he might if she were truly elsewhere. It was a compromise for both of their sakes; the last thing she actually wished was to be somewhere jarringly unfamiliar, and to send him out on a meaningless search for her when all she wanted was some time to re-order her thoughts.

May 1st, 2009

[milliways_bar OOM]

pouts better than you
[After this thread.]

Back at the Hyperion Hotel - now restored to its prior state of tolerable disrepair - Illyria can be found outside in what had once passed for its garden.

She's considering disappearing for a while, as is standard for her. Familiarity breeds contempt, after all, and she had never planned to stay around these creatures for longer than suited her purposes. Los Angeles and its inhabitants were back to more-or-less normal, which meant she wouldn't be ruling any part of it anytime in the near future. She couldn't really work up very much disappointment over that fact; this city had never suited her in its modern form.

Wesley was alive and adjusting more or less tolerably to that fact, and though she'd convinced herself that she was sticking around to make sure he didn't end up dead again, the nagging truth was that his death had been some respects her fault. If she'd gotten there sooner; if he hadn't been so distracted by grief, if... any number of potential possibilities presented themselves.

Whatever debt she might have owed him for helping her in the past had surely been repaid, and whatever her feelings might be, she couldn't see any practical reason to stay involved in his present existence beyond the occasional crossing-of-paths. Winifred's memory still cast a shadow over her every interaction with those that had known her, and Illyria had long since stopped having any practical need to retain Wesley as her guide. She'd learned about the world and human interaction largely on her own; there wasn't all that much more he could teach her.

A tiny voice said don't you dare think of leaving them, but it wasn't hers, and she would do as she pleased. The only way to move forward was to actually move forward, and it was possible her presence here was keeping all three of them from doing so.

December 9th, 2008

[crack: bunnie'd!]

How strange.

Where one might have been expecting a goddess, there is instead, apropos of nothing, a bunny.

Said bunny is tiny and snow-white with a dusting of blue on her ears, nose, and feet.

And, of course, no real bunny ever had eyes quite that color before.


It is possible that said bunny looks very, very annoyed at this turn of events.

[ooc: open to whomever, from any game! Meta as necessary. I don't even remember whose idea this was, but it made me giggle, so. :D?

Mun is going to bed, but tags are open til whenever!]

December 6th, 2008

[meme; open 'verse, meta]

illyria and original form
Which creature of the night are you?
Your Result: Demon

Your raging id needs no chemical incentive to break out into a fiery orgy of destruction. When you're not burning, you're brooding. All you need is someone to point the way out for you.

Cthulu Spawn
Which creature of the night are you?
Quiz Created on GoToQuiz

... I feel compelled to point out that technically so-called Cthulhu-spawn are demons by this world's way of calling them.

Also, I am vastly amused to find that Sorcerers have their very own category.

September 17th, 2008

[Note: set vaguely post-Angel: After the Fall canon, so will contain spoilers for events which happened in the comics up to the most recent issue, though the prompt itself is only a possible future.]

In the end it came down to her.Collapse )

Muse: Illyria
Fandom: Angel
Words: 590

September 14th, 2008

[From here]

It is entirely possible that the basement of the ruined hotel was not the ideal place to recreate a piece of specialized machinery that had formerly existed in a multimilion dollar science lab.

However, one does what one must with the resources at hand, and as far as Illyria was concerned, this thing could have been built in the middle of Disney World so long as it served its intended purpose.

"It will work," she snaps over her shoulder to the vampire who has been casting doubt all over the entire project.

And if it does not, then I will try another way.

There was always another way, though she didn't like to consider what she might have to give up -- what she'd even have to offer those who might be able to do the thing she sought.

"Are you certain you are ready?" This question is for Wesley. "It will take a few moments to get everything in working order, so if there is anything you'd like to attend to..."

She's not sure what, but she mostly wants to stop the pair of them from hovering while she's trying to concentrate. This is a delicate affair, and technology isn't her strongest suit.

August 23rd, 2008

[A/N: MASSIVELY, TOTALLY AU. But if you like it, keep an eye on neverbeher: a longer version of this story and/or a continuation of it will be located there.]

She tries to tell him from the very start.Collapse )

July 18th, 2008

[Set vaguely in comic!canon, but not very spoilery. All you need to know is that, in comic!canon, timeslips -- like the stuff that happened to Illyria in the ep "Time Bomb", happen all the time in Hell, and Hell is where Los Angeles is currently located. And yeah, I know it only vaguely fits the actual topic, but it BEGGED to be written.]

The first time it happens she gets there in time to watch Wesley die again. The script is the same, but her tears are bitterer, and she thinks he sees through the lie to the truth at the end. When she returns to the timeline, she tilts her head this way and that as she stares at him to see if the experience changed him. It didn't. Evil ghost Wesleys are surprisingly like one another, it seems.

The second time she saves him only to watch him fall in the alley to a half-breed lacking the dubious benefit of a soul. When they arrive in Hell this time, she finds that Vampire Wesley is a step above ghost Wesley, but only because corporeality goes well with his newly acquired taste for pain. Once or twice he actually almost hurts her; it's all fun and games until she has to stake him for some betrayal. Her complaints on the matter fall on deaf ears; it is Hell, after all.

The third time she simply stands in the doorway of Spike's apartment and flat-out refuses to let him leave.

"If I have to end your existence here, I will still consider it preferable to the alternatives," she insists, crossing her arms over her chest.

He calls her bluff, though, and this time the cursed dragon slays him, and they spend three months in hell arguing over whether or not he ought to have let her kill him after all.

The fourth time through she does kill him, and they spend another three months not speaking.

The fifth time through she saves him.

Wolfram and Hart are not amused, however, and she spends another three months breaking her way out of one of their holding dimensions, after which she is entirely too annoyed to bother prying the story out of the half-breeds when she has to go storming back into Hell after the pair of them. In their absence she supposes Wesley drinks himself to death, but she doesn't have time to find out for certain before she's thrown back into the past for one final attempt.

And this time, two days before he can even think of taking on Cyvus Vail, she's got his suitcases packed and two one-way tickets to Cleveland procured, courtesy of Wolfram and Hart's private jets. She's promised to help them take over this pathetic dimension in another century or so, so long as they allow her and her reluctant guide to exist elsewhere in peace for the rest of his natural life. She knows he'll be stubborn about leaving, but there's a Slayer in the other city who has some sort of prior claim over Wesley...

... and after all of the prior hassle, Illyria has conceded that she might be willing to share.
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